Toys "R" Us was a once-thriving retail utopia for children, offering a kaleidoscopic array of playthings and other trendy doodads. However, the company has felt the pangs of the increasing digitization of modern society, and were forced to foreclose all of their brick and mortar locations as a result of egregious debt accumulations. 

In a bid to repay debtors, Toys "R" Us will have a sale of its vast intellectual property, which includes their resident mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, as well as websites domains including,,, and 

You may be thinking, how did a children's and preteen-centric retailer nab these very adult-minded URLs? Companies have been known to buy up any related Internet addresses to prevent other businesses from hijacking or making a mockery of the brand. Seeing as how the "R" Us suffix could be universally applied to any number of websites, the company's domain name offshoots can accumulate millions of dollars and come in various iterations. 

The company also owned domain names such as, and When the going gets tough, capitalism prevails.