For this week's Track Breakdown, we called upon rising singer August Alsina. August already has a deal locked in with Def Jam, through none other than r'n'b singer and hit-maker, The-Dream. With mentoring from Terius Nash, there is no doubt that August will go far with his music. The 20-year-old singer recently released his second mixtape, The Product 2, and the response has been very positive. As the rapper continues to grind and define himself with his music, we spoke to him about one song in particular off The Product 2, "Downtown," and how it represents him.

The Product 2 proved to be full of slow bangers, that are not necessarily meant to be enjoyed in a romantic setting with your girl. August reveals to us that he hates to be boxed into the "typical r'n'b" that encompasses girl-related content. Instead, the NO native takes a cue from his fellow rappers, who talk about any and everything they want too.

One such example of this on The Product 2 is August's "Downtown." "Downtown" tells a story about the every day life in New Orleans, where August grew up. August shares a true story of losing someone because of street life going-ons, making for an emotional track to match the instrumental, which was the result of collaborative work between producer Knucklehead and guitarist Carlos Cahee.

August enlisted Kidd Kidd for "Downtown," an appropriate feature given they both grew up in New Orleans. Although the two had never collaborated previously, they work well together, with Kidd Kidd's verse breaking up the song nicely. We also spoke to Kidd Kidd on his feature, and he explains how the song really touched home with him, in a similar way to August.

Finally, the two producers Knucklehead and Carlos Cahee, explain how they worked together to create the beat for August. The two worked together for the first time ever and the result was the "Downtown" beat-- not half bad at all. Their chemistry is evident, with Carlos Cahee first laying down the chords that make the basis of the track, and Knucklehead finishing it off.

Check out everything that August, Kidd Kidd, Knucklehead and Carlos had to say about "Downtown" by clicking through the images above.

If you've yet to listen to the slow-burning "Downtown," click play below.