The unfortunate accident Tracy Morgan was recently involved in reportedly carries a hefty loss and repair, which isn't surprising considering Morgan purchased the 2012 Bugatti Veyron for $2 million. On Tuesday, Morgan left the dealership and 15 minutes later was side-swiped by a Honda CRV. Following the accident, a witnessed captured the moment Morgan hopped out of his luxury vehicle and began banging on the window of the other person's car. The actor screamed at the woman behind the wheel, demanding that she exit her vehicle. She later said Morgan frightened her.

According to The Blast, the woman's insurance will most likely pay for some of the cost of Morgan's repairs. However, because the Bugatti isn't a vehicle that can be serviced just anywhere, the actor may dish out up to $50K to get it fixed. Also, because the Bugatti has been involved in an accident, it's value has decreased by approximately $200K.

The woman involved in the accident, 61-year-old Jocelyn Madulid, has stated that she's not at fault because Morgan hit her car. “I was driving. I heard somebody hit me. I felt boom,” she said. “We are both turning right — people are still crossing,” she said. “So what happened is we’re both turning right. But I know he hit me because I was already [turning]. I was there, he was the one who hit me!”