Trae Young has had a very impressive start to his NBA career although his team's results don't necessarily reflect that. The Atlanta Hawks have been consistently bad but their one bright spot is none other than Young. Last night, Young dominated the court as he scored 50 points while propelling his team to a 129-124 victory over the Miami Heat. This was the first time in Young's career that he was able to score 50 and we're sure he's destined for even more in the future. 

Young reflected that very sentiment while speaking to Hawks beat reporter, Chris Kirschner. After the game, Young gave his jersey to Quavo. Typically, players who experience a milestone will keep their jerseys from that night. As Young explains, he opted to give the jersey away because he knows he has plenty more 50-point games on the horizon.

If you're a Hawks fan, you have to love Young's confidence here. The Hawks are a team that has potential, as long as they can get some pieces. If Young continues to be dominant, then Hawks fans have a lot to cheer for which is something they haven't been able to say in quite a while.

Regardless, it probably would have been smarter for Young to keep the jersey anyway.