Trae Young is just like every other NBA player right now as he is confined to his home where he is trying to get through the quarantine. It hasn't been easy for Young as he has been looking for new ways to occupy himself until the NBA gets started back up again. Young has been practicing his basketball skills as he is lucky enough to have a hoop at his home. Not every player is so lucky although, for Young, he will at least be warmed up by the time he gets back to practice.

Yesterday, Young gave fans some insight into his latest workout routine, which involves his dog. As you can see in the video below, Young is going up against his own dog who put on some pretty tight defense. However, Young's handles were just too much as he crossed up his dog on numerous occasions, before putting away the basket.

Young's creative use of time will certainly serve him well over the next few months. Boredom can be hard to overcome but when you have some willing participants, it's easy to find time to get some training in.

Perhaps dribbling against one's dog will become a trend as the quarantine progresses.