Trae Young doesn't understand why NBA defenses are locked on him, because he'd be the first to admit that his 23.9 shooting percentage from beyond the arc is well below par. Trae Young might be too humble to admit, that his skill set is too dangerous to be left alone. At least the NBA brass seems to think so - they were kind enough to award him co-Rookie of the Month honors alongside his Western Conference counterpart Luka Doncic. Nonetheless, Trae Young spoke his piece after the Hawks' 131-117 loss to the Washington Wizards, and he wasn't short on self-deprecation.

"I mean, it’s crazy. It’s crazy, my shooting percentage is so bad right now and teams are still pressing up on me just like I was shooting 80 percent," Trae young opined after the loss. “I think the rookie wall is getting hit right now,” he added.

And one some level, he isn't wrong. The self-criticism is exactly what'll take his game to new heights, while he adjusts to NBA perimeter defenses. But on the positive, his three-point percentage is so low, it can get any worse, and it's not as if he hasn't shown the range to convert from "zone-coastal" spots on the floor like Steph Curry. 4 for 13 outings like the 131-117 loss to the Washington Wizards will be few and far between, but even if they do occur, Trae Young has the vote of confidence to "trial and error" his way to the very top the NBA ladder.