When you think of Travis Barker, you usually picture him in the background with Blink-182. After spending years with the band, Travis Barker decided to bring his talent over to the rap game. His transition has been interesting to follow because it's almost been seamless. Despite his extensive rock roots, the drummer fell in love with hip-hop music, which explains his album Give The Drummer Some. From touring with Lil Wayne to his recent work on Lil Peep and XXXTentacion songs, Travis Barker has been spending lots of time with rap artists, which he detailed in his interview with Joe Rogan.

Yesterday, Barker was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience and he spoke about everything he's been up to. Considering both his children are musicians, Travis is still spending all his time in the studio. Recently, he has been working with nothing,nowhere, Smokepurpp, $uicideboy$, Vic Mensa and more. 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Of course, considering his role in Blink-182, he also commented on the Fyre Festival madness. With the festival buzzing in the news again after several documentaries premiered a few weeks ago, Travis Barker's opinion on the matter is pretty telling. You'll recall, Blink was one of the bands that pulled out of the festival, citing disorganization on the part of the organizers (understatement of the year...) "I would have had to drive five or six days to Florida and then get in a boat and then get over to the Bahamas," says Barker. The drummer avoids flying ever since his horrific plane crash a few years ago, which is the reason why it would have taken so long to get to Fyre.

Listen to the full podcast below.