Though Travis Scott's brand has never been stronger, the rapidly rising Astroworld superstar recently found himself situated in an unfamiliar place: the dog house. Sadly, the rapper stumbled into trouble after being accused of "gettin' down in the DMs" by girlfriend slash baby mother Kylie Jenner, which avalanched into a full-fledged cheating accusation. Scott has vehemently denied all claims, but it would appear the couple's trust has been suffering of late, with their relationship status having taken a turn for the worst. 

Bill Baptist/Getty Images

Still, that hasn't prevented La Flame from attempting to douse the...flames of his alleged houndish ways. In an attempt to achieve dog-house salvation, a status many men have tried and failed to achieve, Travis has attempted to showcase his loyalty through fashion. During a recent courtside appearance at a Warriors game, Travis was seen sporting a sweater adorned with Kylie Jenner, a shirt previously sold on the self-made Jenner's website. 

It's unclear if the gesture ultimately served its purpose, though it's admirable to see Travis looking to right his wrongs. If there's a lesson here, it's that temptation can often lead one astray. Even though he denied all allegations, it's clear that Jenner has felt slighted regardless. Would you mourn the split of the Scott-Jenner union?