Kylie Jenner had already ordered her beau a wholesale shipment of 420 edibles as refreshments for his 28th birthday party. On April 30th, Travis Scott drew closer to the dreaded number 30. Kylie urged him to shed a tear; there was plenty of age-defying makeup in the household to last them a dynasty.

As the birthday party spilled into the night, Kylie Jenner gathered everyone around to partake in a DIY tattoo workshop, spearheaded by the media maven herself. While the pictures of Travis' matching tattoos with Kid Cudi were the first to make the rounds, Kylie's tattoo oeuvre for the Astroworld rapper would arrive several days late.

Thanks to the travelling talents of "Jon Boy Tattoo," Kylie Jenner learned the handheld technique on a moment's notice, then administered a sentimental tattoo on her potential-hubby's bicep. In the midst of this painstaking process, Kylie reached out with her other hand to produce a cellular device, where she then posted the now-infamous "let’s fuck around and have another baby" memo on Instagram. Now that Travis has been ingratiated with a tattoo, I feel more confident than ever in pegging the upcoming Super Bowl as the day of their nuptials, provided Tristan Thompson doesn't implicate himself in the bachelor plans on the eve of the ceremony.