Travis Scott has been on plenty of magazine covers in his career, and so has supermodel Kate Moss. While this may be the case, perhaps the latest cover they are appearing on together is a little different than the others. Dazed Beauty, a magazine dedicated to visual art and portraying things in an unconventional beautiful way, is now putting out their first issue, dubbed Issue Zero, with both Moss and Scott on the cover. In this surreal cover, the two are portrayed as CGI centaurs, dressed in extravagant jewelry and futuristic clothing.

The digital artists behind the representation of Scott and Moss are Darío Alva and the Travis Brothers. According to Dazed Beauty's website, the publication wanted to "portray two of the world's most recognisable faces in a way that would defy conventional beauty and fashion imagery, and defy expectation." 

They also explain that Moss and Scott's characters will be a part of a bigger story told throughout the magazine.

Per Dazed Beauty:

"In a ten-page story called The Children of Ixion, Kate and Travis – two very different global beauty icons in their own right – are brought together for the first time in a celebration of futurism, tech and imagination. Half beast, part machine, Kate and Travis roam a dystopian landscape listening for a signal. Manacled in barbed wire, and lashed by stormy weather, our anti-heroes are more fallible than they look. But what are they searching for... An escape? One another?"

What do you think of this latest cover?