Three months ago, the entertainment world was shocked when Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner announced they had broken up, ending a romance that many believed would last a little longer. The two celebrities noted that they would continue raising their one-year-old Stormi Webster as a cohesive unit, but that their relationship would not be romantic anymore. Despite their split, we've seen La Flame and the self-made billionaire flirting a few times on social media, prompting fans to start rumors related to a possible reconciliation. Gossipers are going crazy once again over a playful exchange held in Travis' comments section on Instagram last night.

In a recent interview, Scott admitted that he will always love his ex-girlfriend. During their time together as a couple, he surely flexed his impressive cooking skills on more than one occasion. Sharing a photo of his Cactus Jack gear and a tasty-looking helping of curly fries, Trav admitted that he made the snack in his caption. Kylie Jenner slid into the comments to call "cap" on her ex with a playful emoji before Scott retorted. "lmao u know they [fire]," he said, low-key flirting with his baby mama for us all to see. 

Clearly, this isn't anything groundbreaking. They haven't revealed that they're back together or anything but there's definitely no bad blood between them. If there were, this type of exchange wouldn't be happening. Fans are hoping there's a chance this points to them getting closer again, perhaps restarting their romance. Do you think Travis' curly fries can do the trick?