It ain't tricking if you got it, or so the saying goes.

Travis Scott snuck a truckload of roses into Kylie's home. The youngest Jenner sister said it best, reaching over to her nightstand after a zesty session with her lover, to share a word with her fans: "hell of a way to end the night." Nobody beats the Jenners when it comes to showing the 99percenters "how they aren't living," "what they can't accomplish," and "what they shouldn't expect" when their honeybadger comes home.

According to TMZ, the extravagant field of roses was not a marriage proposal after all. I'd imagine someone inquired about their availability, and well.. for the time being, Travis Scott and his baby mother remained unmarried. I guess flowers don't always equate to "say yes" moments, who would have known?

Although Kylie Jenner didn't score a ring Travis, he did play her "Hell of a Night," which explains the rationale behind her action. Knowing full well he has a busy schedule ahead of him, there was never any doubt he wouldn't turn to the spectacular, in leaving his lover with an unfading romantic sentiment. They do say, having a child with someone creates somewhat of a bond. I wouldn't know, I have a deep wariness of making plans.