Contrary to reports that Travis Scott and girlfriend Kylie Jenner are having a difficult time with their relationship, the parents seemed as if all was well when they were caught by TMZ leaving the Los Angeles restaurant Sweet Chick, an eatery where fellow rapper Nas is named part owner. The couple has much to celebrate as Scott just broke the L.A. Forum venue records with multiple sold-out shows within a 12-month period, while also bringing in $1.7 million in just one night.

He also recently sat down with Nas for an interview for Playboy magazine where the old school and new school artists had an interesting dialogue about hip hop. "Speaking of a time before all this technology, it was like, 'Okay, I rap.' You had to get to this popular producer in your city," Scott said. "He would hear your s**t, and maybe he’d let you record and give you a beat. Then he’d bring you to the DJ, and radio was the main problem."

"But now it’s like, man, I got my own social media," he continued. "I can drop my s**t. I can cater to my own followers. People can look at my s**t if they want to. It’s not like the radio, where somebody can stop people from hearing me. I can yell it loud right now: I want to rap! If people want to catch on to it, they can catch on to it. And then, if you want to explain what’s going on in your personal life, you talk to your fans too. Back then you had to do a press conference."

Nas agreed. "You can reach the world faster—a lot faster than back then. That’s a great thing, because it was mind-boggling trying to figure out how to get this message out to people and market your record at the right time and then drop a single six weeks before the album. That’s gone."