While most of Hip Hop's current mainstream artists seem to shy away from lending their voices to political matters, the concept is most fitting considering the culture's roots. Travis Scott is one of the latest members of the Hip Hop community to encourage political awareness amongst the youth in anticipation of the US elections taking place next month. Scott is a proud supporter of Bete O'Rourke, the Democratic Party's nominee in the Texan senate race of 2018.

Travis showed his fellow Texans who he was keen to vote for when he attended an event at the Bayland Community Center in Houston, held in promotion of the politician earlier today, October 28. The artist even got up to address the crowd through a megaphone, telling the youthful group that they have the power to change the world at the tender age of 18. He urges them to support Beto with their votes on November 6 to help "take Texas all the way up."

Travis' support comes the day after LeBron James endorsement through fashion. The athlete was spotted wearing a cap that read, "Beto for Senate," before the Lakers game against the San Antonio Spurs Saturday night.

Beto is currently catching up to his Republican opponent Senator Ted Cruz, who's seeking re-election.