It's well-established at this point that students around the world won't be able to attend their convocation due to the global pandemic that is ravaging the world. The Coronavirus has been a huge disruptor to everyday life and people are trying to get back into all of their routines. While this may take a long time, there are some charitable individuals out there who are looking to make things easier on people while giving back to their respective communities.

This is exactly what LeBron James and Travis Scott are doing as they have teamed up to create a Graduating Class of 2020 shirt that is meant for High Schoolers. The shirt, which can be seen below, is a collab between Uninterrupted and Cactus Jack. You can also see that the words "We're all in this together" are written on the front and back.

The shirt will be available for three whole days over at SHOP.TRAVISSCOTT.COM and will cost $40 USD. All of the profits will be going to the LeBron James Family Foundation and Feeding Texas. These charities are near and dear to LeBron and Travis' heart and they will be providing a vital service to those struggling amidst the pandemic.

Travis Scott x LeBron James

Image via Uninterrupted