There's no way else to put it. Travis Scott is in the midst of a career defying run. Not only is he coming off a massive artistic accomplishment with Astroworld and its subsequent tour, but he's also flourishing as a young family man. Clearly, Travis has been feeling the love, and has decided to pay it forward accordingly. TMZ reports that La Flame recently met up with a fan by the name of Alex Pujolsa teenaged fan diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.

Apparently, Pujols is set to undergo surgery, with the possibility of further treatment through radiation and chemotherapy. So the story goes, Swizz Beatz heard about Pujols' plight through a friend, and decided to make his wish of meeting Travis Scott a reality. Though he wasn't there, Swizz played a pivotal role in facilitating the meeting between Scott and Pujol, who met the rapper backstage before his Astroworld Festival appearance. 

While his family decided to travel to Houston for the concert, they had no idea the meeting was set to take place. We can only hope that Alex Pujols and his family find peace in the coming months. Respect to Travis Scott and Swizz Beatz for coming through, and proving once more that hip-hop can be a wholesome and inspiring environment. Check out a picture of the meet and greet over at TMZ