When you're as famous as Travis Scott, you too can do stuff like this without getting in trouble. When the car he was riding in decided to make a stop at the Cartier store so he could shop for new jewelry, Travis Scott's driver did not think to park the car legally. Instead, he blocked traffic and waited for La Flame to get done with his expensive plans. Whether he was copping some new frames, a Love bracelet for his darling Kylie Jenner, or some jewels for himself, his brown Range Rover was still blocking other vehicles from passing by the iconic Rodeo Drive and when cops spoke to the driver through his window, they decided not to give him a ticket. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

According to DailyMail, Travis Scott got off without having to pay a fee after his car was blocking traffic. The car was stopped for an undisclosed amount of time when Trav got out to enter the Cartier store. He likely wasn't in there for too long though because he walked away from the situation scot-free. 

The rapper recently announced that he would be donating proceeds from his merchandise sales to Planned Parenthood after an abortion law was passed in Alabama. He was involved in cheating rumours when Kylie Jenner alleged that he was texting other women on the side. Maybe his trip to the jewelry store was to surprise his wifey.

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