Have you ever wondered what $23.5 million in cash looks like? Travis Scott just dropped that exact amount on a brand new mansion in Los Angeles, stunting on all of us peasants by paying for the entire thing in cash.

Usually, somebody may pay a down payment on a house before cashing in on mortgage installments every now and then. Travis Scott is not most people though. The "Sicko Mode" hitmaker just went crazy on his latest purchase, dropping mad guap and becoming neighbors with LeBron James in an exclusive neighborhood. 

The hilltop house has panoramic views of the city, giving La Flame and Stormi enough room to run around and rage with 16,700 sq. ft. of space. With seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, Travis can sleep in a different room every day of the week. As noted by the online listing for the mansion, its exterior has been designed to mimic that of "a modern yacht."

Travis Scott
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

The spot was initially being listed at $42 million last summer so this is a great deal for the rapper, who is paying nearly $20 million less than that. Regardless, this is still one of the most expensive real estate moves recently in LA.

In addition to all that living space, the house is said to include a 20-car auto gallery, as well as an actual garage with space for a dozen more whips.

Congratulations to Cactus Jack on his big purchase! Here's to a lifetime of happiness in your new home.