Last night, a photo that appeared to show Travis Scott cheating on Kylie Jenner started making the rounds. The headlines read that La Flame was getting cozy with a new woman on a balcony. Usually, this sort of gossip comes and goes. Travis Scott had no interest in letting this stick around though. He immediately took to his social platforms to shut down the rumblings, calling "fake news" on the image being spread. "I pray God blocks out all evil," wrote the superstar on his Instagram story. 

Before he responded to the rumors, fans were running rampant on Twitter, offering their takes on the scandal happening before their eyes. Considering Travis and Kylie just had a daughter together and appeared to be as solid as ever, the allegations were surprising. Fan replies reflected their shock as the GIFs poured in for hours. Folks continue to share how they feel about the entire situation although it seems like Kylie and Travis are still going strong. Kylie has not yet responded to the rumors but we'll keep an eye on what she has to say.

After such an outstanding day on the charts, hitting No. 1 with "Sicko Mode" and Astroworld, Travis' celebration was ruined when he was forced to let everyone know the scandal was nonexistent. Have a look at some of their fans' reactions below.