We're not exactly far removed from Travis Scott's Astroworld LP, but it seems as if the Houston rager is already hard at work on his followup. At the very least, he's been spending time holed up in the studio, presumably setting the stage for his next full-length. Consider that Scott is a little less spontaneous than some of his generational contemporaries, preferring to take his time and build cohesive and well-structured albums. Case in point, the lengthy Astroworld rollout, which had many fans fighting their more impulsive tendencies. 


Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Today, Scott has provided an update of sorts, albeit one that requires a little bit of speculation on our ends. Sharing a picture of a studio session in process, Scott can be seen either a) writing lyrics or b) perusing the news cycle during a break. In the background, an engineer works on an open Pro Tools session, which seems to feature an audio track already laid down.

Clearly, music is being made, and if his caption is any indication we can expect Travis to be on his pure sommelier energy. While it's good to know he's been putting in work, we shouldn't expect to see the fruits of his labor manifest anytime soon. After all, the man is nothing if not a perfectionist, moving entirely as he sees fit.