Although the project was announced a while ago, there have not been many updates on Travis Scott's forthcoming studio album Astroworld. Aside from rumors, there is not a lot of information to run off of, other than the assumption that it is likely releasing this year. With so much secrecy and the lack of a Kanye West release date announcement via Twitter, Astroworld is shrouded in mystery. Travis appears to have had a custom Astroworld chain made by Rafaello & Company, the same jeweler Lil Yachty copped Cam'ron's old piece from. The official Instagram account of the jeweler showed off the chain on their story, giving us a sneak peek.

While it does not offer much in terms of the aesthetic Travis is looking at musically, the logo on the front of the piece and the marking on the back could be telling. Behind the main emblem, there is a Houston Astros logo, repping for his home team, as well as Astroworld written in rainbow-colored letters. Perhaps it's a major reach but this may be an eye to what we can expect in terms of cover art for the album. If it means absolutely nothing, at least it's cool to know that Travis will be rocking a brand new chain inspired by his upcoming album shortly.

Check out Travis' brand new piece below and let us know where you think it ranks on your list of top chains in the game.