When you start to hang around somebody on a daily basis, you begin to develop some of their traits. You may start to speak like them or dress differently. Now that Travis Scott has been embraced by the Kardashian family as one of their own, shacking up with Kylie Jenner and their child, Stormi Webster, La Flame may have been influenced to switch his hairstyle up a little. With Kylie rocking blonde locks on a regular basis, Trav opted to go for an unnatural look himself, bleaching his hair and debuting a new look by her side.

Perhaps he saw a photo of Yung Bans and wanted to try and emulate the look but the Astroworld artist is going into September with a fresh new cut. His new look was photographed as Kylie hugged him from behind, showing off their new matching hair colors. Travis is not known to experiment with his hair as he has rarely been as colorful as the majority of young rappers in the game. However, with his tour approaching, maybe the star wanted to try out something new.

How do we feel about the new look? Should he keep it going a little longer or drop it altogether to dye his hair back the way it was?