You can't deny that the Travis Scott brand is strong. There's no other rapper in the game who's as dominant in the world of corporate America as Travis Scott. He's landed partnerships with massive companies like McDonald's, Nike, and Fortnite in the past who sought after the Cactus Jack aesthetic to lure younger audiences. It's worked, as well, which is why he was declared AdWeek's inaugural Creator Visionary of the Year. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

His marketing genius is second-to-none but it appears that Travis Scott isn't necessarily a fan of being described as some sort of branding expert. "I don’t like words like ‘branding’ and ‘marketing,’” he explained. "I just wasn’t ever really into it, you know? I guess I’m a naturalist in that sense.” Ultimately, the rapper would like to go down in the history books as a visionary who created dope art that inspires a future generation. 

"I’m just more about putting out very cool things that inspire me and I hope one day inspire other people,” Scott said. “I’m trying to bring a utopian effect … hoping to inspire the next person to just get creative or even just live their life in an aesthetically pleasing, vibed-out way.”

The rapper also shared some insight into his newly launched CACTI beverage which, apparently, is expected to land some major sponsorship deals.

"[I can’t wait for] Cacti’s first official lead sponsorship,” he said. “I feel like if I say anything more, I might get out the spot. But it’s definitely going to be one of those ‘official drinks.’”