Nothing says treating yourself like dropping over $100K on a 15-carat diamond to celebrate the success of your music that was loved by a good chunk of the world. Travis Scott did exactly that when he hit up New York City-based jeweler Richie Rich to make him an Astroworld yellow diamond ring that properly reads Cactus Jack. 

“I made the same ring about a year ago in a smaller version,” Richie told Page Six. “He wanted a bigger one, so he kept the smaller one. It says ‘Cactus Jack’ on the bottom in diamonds and then it has small cactuses placed around the ring because that’s his thing.”

Richie detailed how he and his team “worked 24 hours around the clock” to get the blinged out piece complete in just five days - check out the piece below. 

Just yesterday Travis responded to the rumours that he and Frank had a falling out surrounding their collaborative track "Carousel." Despite any issues, Travis followed up with a positive message about his friend. 

"Someone I call family and always will. Has taught me a ton. And a true inspiration in an out of the Stu," he wrote.