We are all missing the live show atmosphere which is slowly coming back with the increase of vaccinations. So far, we've seen several artists perform at packed shows while others live vicariously through live streams and IG Stories. Festivals are set to return as soon as this summer and Travis Scott seems to be preparing for the rage that will soon be in effect.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

The rapper celebrated his birthday this weekend in Miami with an extravagant jet and apparently, a night out with Kylie Jenner at Club LIV. Scott also treated the crowd to a short performance that clearly brought the energy to a new high. The man whose known for turning his concerts into mayhem made sure that fans knew they were not exempt from leaping from the stage. "If yo ass gon' get up here, your ass better get back out there. This ain't no mothafuckin' jamboree god damn it," Scott said to the two individuals on stage. 

As "FRANCHISE" began to play, the young man on stage jumped off the stage and the crowd dispersed before they could catch him. Meanwhile, the young lady that was on stage got assurance from the crowd that they wouldn't do her in a similar manner.

In related news, the rapper announced that Astroworld Festival will return to Houston this fall. Clearly, his recent club performance was preparation for what he has in store for the festival.