Corey Damon Black certainly does a lot for Travis ScottBlack is Travis’s creative director, meaning that he basically handles the design and look of all of his concerts, album art, merch, and more. Black has a big job, so it’s only right that Travis showed up to his wedding on Friday with a pretty massive gift: a Maybach SUV. 

Black seemed completely shocked by the gift, laughing with Travis in the doorway and giving him a hug before going to check out the sweet new ride. His bride laughs, saying, “It’s like My Super Sweet 16!” Black strikes some poses in front of the car as all of his friends and guests gather around to whoop and cheer for him. Black seems incredibly excited by Travis’s gift, even taking it out for a joyride later and posting a video to his Instagram from the backseat, showing off the car’s lush interior. 

The Maybach appears to be a GLS 600 SUV, which retails for anywhere from $160k to $200k depending on your desired specifications. Knowing Travis and how he likes to spoil others, however, it’s assumed that this car is probably on the higher end of the price scale. Congrats to Corey and his wife! Watch the video of the surprise below.