Yesterday was Halloween which means plenty of great costumes were celebrated on the timeline. Whether it be your friends or celebrities, you probably go to see some great get-ups, with a varying range of both originality and accuracy. Of course, celebrities have a seemingly endless supply of cash, which means they afford to get themselves some of the best costumes imaginable. This is precisely why it seems like year after year, the biggest celebrities knock Halloween out of the park.

Late last night, Travis Scott joined in on the Halloween festivities as he offered up one of the best costumes of the night. In the clips below, Travis is dressed up in a suit where he walks across his mansion and enters a room with a Batman suit, which he eventually puts on. Simply put, Travis went all the way with the Batman theme as he even preceded it with a Bruce Wayne outfit.

"DARKEST OF THE NIGHT. Wayne Enterprise. Cactus enterprise same difference," Travis wrote on IG. While Travis certainly doesn't have the same resources as a Bruce Wayne, there is no denying he has built some nice enterprises for himself, especially given recent partnerships with McDonald's, Sony, and of course, Jordan Brand.

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