With seemingly everybody dropping a project in the next month, one person that is noticeably missing is Travis Scott. Fans have been practically begging the artist for Astroworld for over a year as his loyal supporters want to hear what he has deemed his most personal project yet. While there is still no indication of an incoming drop, the rollercoaster ride takes another loop with La Flame's newest undertaking: gracing the magazine cover for 032c.

The German-based company issues a bi-annual magazine in the summer and winter and while Frank Ocean was on the cover a few months ago, 032c has unveiled its "Big Flat Now" summer issue with Travis Scott as the leading star. Travis goes full Cactus Jack in his photos, which were shot by his personal photographer, @rayscorruptedmind on Instagram. Posing with a clear briefcase full of cash, the rapper stands in front of Western desert landscapes, embracing his alter ego and teasing his future plans in what can be considered the "Days Before Astroworld." Posting several photos from the shoot, Travis gave little context as he captioned one of them, "Astroworld 🌏," leading his fanbase to jump straight for the comment section. While he can continue to hint at an upcoming drop, there is bound to be a point where his fans tune out. After all, the project has been announced for well over a year with the name being thrown around since his come-up.

Of all the photos Travis shared, which is your favorite? The summer issue of 032c's magazine is now available via their web-shop.