The first stop on Travis Scott's Astroworld tour saw him erect a stage prop the likes of which we've never seen before, even by his standards. Not to be outdone by his friend Drake, and the now-infamous Scorpion-illusion he duped us into "seeing" -- but yes, Astroboy took a page out of his own book last night.

During the Birds Eye View tour, Travis dragged a giant "Kylie-inspired" Phoenix with him to every city, as a reminder of what he'd left behind. Fast forward to the Astroworld leg of his whirlwind tour, and Travis Scott is once again displaying a consistent theme from album-to-showmanship.

As you can see below, Travis strapped one lucky fan into a giant spinning wheel apparatus. As the makeshift "rollercoaster" shifts into high gear, YG's voice becomes discernible to the audience, via the loudspeakers.

Incidentally, YG's presence animated the function, without him being present in the building. As this is going down, smoke machines start billowing out.. smoke - Travis grabs the microphone, and the show recommences

Travis Scott's production team will be hardpressed to recreate the magic of in Baltimore last night, but they'll do their darndest. Tonight, the North American leg of the Astroworld tour takes up shop in Raleigh, North Carolina, without a day's rest.