Over on Twitter, college students are tweeting Travis Scott by the thousands after the rapper offered to pay one of their largest bills. The Cactus Jack mogul has been flying high following the success of his Mcdonald's collaboration; a partnership that proved lucrative for Travis and the fast-food chain. Scott has regularly shown love to his supporters and has given back to those in need, and now he's decided to help out five college students who attend Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

Travis Scott, Giveaway, HBCU, Tuition, Twitter
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Stringer / Getty Images

Travis Scott was in a giving mood and was promising fans all sorts of goodies. Someone told him that they lost their Astroworld hoodie, so Scott said he would not only replace it, but planned to give him shoes he wore on that tour. Another said they lost their PS5, so Travis Scott said he would buy him one and a fan lost their AirPods so the rapper told him he would replace them.

Then, Scott revealed that his parents both attended HBCUs and told his followers to send over their information if they were HBCU students who needed their tuitions paid off. "AND I KNOW SCHOOL JUST STARTED AND I WANNA TAKE CARE OF 5 KIDS TUITION FOR THERE FIRST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL !!! WHY NOT!!!!!" He added, "5 KIDS THAT ATTEND A HBCU Send me ur schools ya heard !!!" Check out a few tweets of Travis Scott showing off his generosity.