After he was accused of cheating on his girlfriend last week, Travis Scott is making sure that the world knows that Kylie Jenner is the only woman on his mind. He reportedly deactivated his Instagram account so that he could prove his loyalty to his girl after she found "suspect" messages in his inbox. This morning, Jenner was named the youngest self-made billionaire of all time by Forbes, marking a major achievement in her life. His IG may no longer be active but his Twitter is and Trav decided to use this moment to show how much he loves Kylie.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"QUEEN," wrote the rapper next to a photo of his daughter's mother. People in the comments have been saying that Travis is going extra hard on the shout-outs in an effort to win her back because, let's be honest, why wouldn't he want to stick together with his billionaire wifey. During a recent concert, he used his platform to show love to Stormi's mom, screaming her name in front of the entire Madison Square Garden crowd. This is just the most recent example of La Flame trying to get back his girl after the cheating scandal surprised everybody last week. 

What else do you think he'll pull this week?