There is no denying that Kylie Jenner knows her angles, and she knows them well. When it comes to taking photos of other people though... she may not be the most skilled.

We're all used to seeing the business mogul's best sides with her often-shared thirst traps on social media, but her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott isn't fond of her photography skills, calling out Kylie for taking some blurry pictures of him and their daughter.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

For what it's worth, Travis isn't averse to posting a blurry shot here and there. He's gotten better... at least he's starting to show his face in pictures. However, he's definitely been in his fair share of blurry pics over the years. That didn't stop him from calling out the socialite on social media though.

Sharing a shot of himself and Stormi, Travis wrote: "Can't wait to for the holidays. Ur mommy photos be blurry."

The image in question isn't the best for either party. Stormi has a big smile on her face, but her face isn't the clearest. Travis is looking down, also blurry.

Image via Instagram

Maybe La Flame is waiting for the holidays so Kris Jenner can be the one taking pictures? 

Travis and Kylie have reportedly broken up but, for the last year, they've been co-parenting their young daughter, spending lots of time together as a unit, as rumors continue to fly that they've reconciled. Do you think they'll ever get back together?