Travis Scott is back in the studio and he wants to make sure he looks good while he's there so he's... wearing his ex-girlfriend's makeup filter on Instagram Stories?

Anybody who watched Travis Scott's Instagram Stories last night was likely surprised to see the rapper all dolled out with false eyelashes, lip gloss, and more essential makeup additions as he worked in the stu. However, that's exactly what they got.

Posting a very short clip of him zoning out, La Flame had Kylie Jenner's signature filter over his face, putting his reputation at stake by potentially showing some unity with Ky. Maybe this is his way of truly putting himself out there to show her that he'll do anything to get her back into his life.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

As far as their relationship is concerned, Travis and Kylie have been rumored on numerous occasions to have gotten back together. They appear to be co-parenting their one-year-old daughter Stormi Webster with tons of love and care but the romantic union between Trav and Ky is all but over. Hopefully, they're able to get things back the way they were, if that's what they want of course. What do you think of Travis' makeup filter look?