Travis Scott is literally everywhere. Following the release of Astroworld, he became this global superstar whose brand was untouchable. He proved it time and time again with massive collaborations with Jordan, Nike, and most recently, McDonald's. However, it's his work with Fortnite that has found him in legal trouble. According to PageSix, the rapper and his label are being sued by a video game company that claims they ripped off their design.

KontrolFreek filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and Cactus Jack alleging that "reproduced KontrolFreek’s copyright-protected" photos of their joysticks. The company continues to claim that the photos were "modified" to superimpose "the Cactus Jack logo/design over the top of the KontrolFreek thumbstick" for the Fortnite concert.

KontrolFreek adds that the advertisement on Travis ends sparked confusion among their massive fanbase, called FreekNation, that they were involved int he production. The company said the alleged knock-offs had yet to be manufactured but they did reach out to Travis and co. in May, asking, "if KontrolFreek would be willing to manufacture the Cactus Jack Thumbsticks for Defendants, and at no cost.”

That offer didn't materialize and neither party got back in contact with each other but KontrolFreek allegedly saw numerous complaints from their fans about "the poor quality." Scott's also being accused of a copyright violation due to the packaging on the product which KontrolFreek said replicated their slogan and "identical bullet points." 

The company wants all profits and damages from Travis Scott.