Kylie Jenner will be celebrating her 22nd birthday on Saturday, August 10th and as it turns out, her man, Travis Scott, is already getting into the spirit of the occasion as today, he surprised her with a sweet, yet impractical gift. Jenner took to Instagram where she took a short video of the lobby to her home, which was covered head to toe in rose petals. Not a single inch of the floor wasn't covered and it was almost a struggle for baby Stormi to crawl through. Travis also left a sweet little card for Kylie which read "We're Just Getting Started."

This suggests that Scott has even more birthday gifts on the way and if they're anything like this one, they are going to be pretty extravagant and also hard to clean up. Just like a rapper raining their money everywhere, there was no video of the clean up afterward which if we're being honest, is what the public really wants to see here.

La Flame will have his work cut out for him though because as we reported yesterday, Kylie is planning to spend her birthday on a $250 million yacht. It's going to be hard to top that but if he keeps filling up the house with gifts, she won't even be able to get to the yacht anyway. Seems like an interesting strategy.