Astroworld has just about turned one week old, and fans are already clamouring for La Flame to take his show on the road. Though his album launch fell on the same day as Montreal's Osheaga Festival, many were left hoping that Travis had bigger plans, especially given that he kept his live Astroworld cuts to a minimum. In short, his best days are yet to come. We've already seen gargantuan birds the likes of which hip-hop has never seen. We've seen stage dives and lawsuits, as well as mosh-pits befitting of Death Metal bands. What else can Travis bring to the table? 

If Astroworld is any indication, the creativity has yet to wane. Loyalists have little doubt that he'll bring his A-Gam, especially if he intends on launching a nationwide tour. Though all we really have is a Twitter teaser, it makes it clear that he's got touring on the mind; one has to wonder if he'll be bringing Kylie Jenner and baby Stormi along for the ride. Either way, stay tuned for more news on the untitled Travis Scott tour, whenever it should arise.