On Tuesday, Travis Scott brought his legions of fans to West Hollywood in droves following a spontaneous pop-up appearance at a newstand. Unsurprisingly, his presence was enough to spark rabid pandemonium in the streets, as the rapper found himself swarmed by cheering fans masked and unmasked alike. And while it's clear that the event served its purpose in raising awareness to his new I-D magazine cover story, it may also have another consequence -- this one not quite so positive.

Travis Scott

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

According to a report from TMZ, L.A.'s Dept. of Public Works claimed that no permit was issued for Travis' gathering, as the city has been reluctant to hand them out amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Travis Scott currently runs the risk of being hit with a fine, as the Public Works are set to be discussing the matter with the City's Attorney Office. It should be noted that a fine is not guaranteed, but it's certainly possible that they will look to make an example of the popular rapper. 

Despite the potential safety concerns, all signs point to Scott continuing to do as he pleases, even if it does ultimately lead to a fine or two. In September of 2020, Scott received a fine for pulling a similar stunt at a Downey McDonald's, which drew a similarly sized crowd; luckily for Scott' the fine was only $100, a sum he could likely recoup in a matter of seconds. One has to wonder if his history will factor into the City Attorney Office's decision to issue a citation. Either way, it's unlikely that Scott will move any differently than he has been doing. Do you think he's playing with fire?