According to The Blast,Travis Scott has filed a motion to have certain evidence remained from the trial at hand: a $150,000 litigation battle over a canceled show. It all stems from a concert booking arranged by PJAM, a promotional outfit out of Minnesota. The promoters filed the original lawsuit only to have Travis Scott counter their claims, in a second deposition, strongly favoring the Astroworld rapper whose resources in the matter reached well beyond the cabinet.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With both sides well entrenched in the trial process, a year after the "no-showing" in 2018, intended as a pre-Super Bowl LII gathering. With Travis Scott scheduled to take the stand during the cross-examination period, his attorneys are hard at work sifting through potential snafus that could arise during questioning, one of which being: old records of canceled performances. 

The motion reads asks the jurors to "exclude evidence of Mr. Webster’s habit of canceling performances at the last minute. Mr. Webster is famous for, among other things, fathering a Kardashian child. It is no coincidence that he canceled the performance at issue in this lawsuit just two days after the much-anticipated birth," due to extenuating circumstances outside of his control.

A major part of PJAM deposition to date is rumored to be centered around Travis Scott's spotty attendance record, listed as "Mr. Webster" in the official documentation. As it stands, the local promoters, whom Travis Scott and his team have labeled as virtual wannabes, are seeking $150,000 in total damages, deducted from the $200,000 sum he would have been paid had the concert not fallen through. Travis was already wired a safety deposit of $50,000, as per a pre-existing contract agreed on by both parties.