While fans are relatively undecided about what is Travis Scott's best work to date, many diehards consider "Drugs You Should Try It" to be one of their favorites among his catalog. Days Before Rodeo, while nearly four years removed, has not lost its replay value as many of the tracks are just as good, if not better, than his album joints. For years, fans have been begging for Astroworld to release and the same supporters seem to believe the album could surprisingly drop within the month. With Travis and his team seemingly finishing up the album in Hawaii, the fans may not even be reaching. During an Instagram Live session, FKi 1st revealed that he and Trav have been working on the follow-up to "DYSTI," accentuating the already existent layer of mystery surrounding Astroworld.

The album could either drop this week or in twenty years. "Coming soon" is a pretty vague term for La Flame but the project will most likely be worth the wait. If the second part to "Drugs You Should Try It" is included on the tracklist, Trav's cult following will be awakened and will certainly flock to the album. Unless it's planned as a separate single (which would still be dope,) part two of the track will be on Astroworld.

Travis' crew seems to be in Hawaii right now and if their posts are to be believed, they're working hard to finish the album. Could Days Before Astroworld be a thing or are we jumping straight to the real thing?