Last month was a roller coaster for Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner who found themselves amidst a rumoured cheating scandal. After billionaire Kylie Jenner accused the "SICKO MODE" rapper of cheating on her, the bruised lover cancelled his Buffalo concert to patch things up with his bae. Close sources to the couple speculated Jenner found evidence of Travis cheating which led to an immediate commotion. Though shortly thereafter, Travis Scott dispelled the rumours and stated the relationship was fine.

Most recently, we spotted the two looking as enamoured as ever, while also hinting at the possibility of wanting to try for a new baby, during Travis Scott birthday celebrations. It does seem, however, that of the many attendees to make it to the Kylie Jenner-organized bash were the alleged side piece.

According to BOSSIP, the rumoured side ting appears to find herself spotted in a lot of places where Jenner is or isn't: Sunday Service, Kids See Ghost listening party and more recently Travis's birthday party. The alleged side chick goes under the alias of YungSweetTro and also appears to posts photos with an array of cryptic captions hinting at the alleged side relationship. Should the allegations be true, this would be one messy ordeal.