There are a few strong contenders for Album of The Year. 2018 has been phenomenal in terms of the quantity of music we've received. We would also say that there are some noteworthy projects that will stick around for years. Travis Scott's Astroworld is one of the works that we waited years for and it was absolutely worth the delay. At one point, it felt like we would never receive it. Each week, fans were losing hope but alas, it dropped and it was amazing. Jonah Hill would agree as he recently pointed out how much he loves the project during an interview with GQ.

His directorial debut is in theaters now and as he promotes Mid90s, he's been speaking a lot about his musical influences growing up. He revealed his top 5 dead or alive and now, his favorite album of the year is pretty clear. During his talk with GQ for the "Man of the Year" issue, he was in control of the stereo and he put on a ton of Travis Scott. "This might be the album of the year," said Hill in reference to Astroworld. He may not be wrong either as surely many will be placing it at the top of their year-end lists.

The conversation led to Kanye West, with Jonah telling stories of his time in Wyoming with the artist. What would you name your top album of 2018? Read Jonah's full interview here.