Travis Scott is the master of branding at this point, and he's apparently becoming corporate America's #1 tool to boost sales. As much as companies like McDonald's, Nike, and Fortnite have benefitted from bringing Scott on board for their ventures, he's bringing his own products to shelves. Scott's latest business move follows in the likes of artists like Jay-Z and Diddy who've launched their own liquor brands but the Astroworld rapper isn't introducing high-end liquors. Instead, he's bringing his spiked agave seltzer CACTI to the masses.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

The rapper launched the product with visits to a few grocery stores in the Los Angeles area but his appearance at Pavillions in WeHo turned out to be a pandemic fiasco. The rapper went inside to check on his product and pick up a pack of gum, though he was followed by a mob of fans who were asking the rapper to sign their sneakers and other types of merch.

Travis Scott might have wanted to connect with fans on a personal level by visiting grocery stores but his move seemingly put himself and the store's employees at risk. Fans clearly weren't concerned with social distancing measures when it came to Travis Scott, and by proximity, the cashiers that were trying to get Travis through. On top of that, several of his fans seemingly appear to be anti-maskers while the rapper himself pulled his mask down on a few occasions to speak or yell, putting himself in a position to possibly catch or spread coronavirus.