Travis Scott has become one of the most marketable artists in hip-hop, with his brand becoming more and more ubiquitous with each passing deal. It's likely his status as a household name will only grow, as the imminent release of his new hard seltzer Cacti -- a collaborative partnership with Anheuser-Busch --  is steadily approaching. Today, La Flame took a moment to tour the Cacti headquarters, a clip shared on the brand's official Instagram page. In addition, he also confirmed that the anticipated brewed-in-Los-Angeles beverage will be hitting stores on March 15th.

Travis Scott

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"We out in Cacti headquarters," says Travis, pulling up to the spot. "This one of my locations." From there, Scott can be seen exploring the brewing facilities, all while montage-style shots of his gear foreshadow the inevitable Cacti clothing capsule. He also samples a few of the flavors, which include strawberry, lime, pineapple, and more. "I'm telling you," he teases, raising a glass. "It's the best of the best right there."

Upon initially announcing Cacti in December of 2020, Scott opened up about his decision to take the plunge into the specialized beverage world. "CACTI is something I’m really proud of and have put a ton of work into,” he explained. “Me and the team really went in, not only on getting the flavor right, but on thousands of creative protos on everything from the actual beverage, to the can concept, to the packaging and how it is presented to the world. We always try to convey a feeling in our products. I’m a big fan of tequila so I came at it from that angle, too. I’m really excited to put this out in 2021 and see other people be able to enjoy it.”

Look for Cacti to hit stores on March 15th, boasting a 7% ABV. And don't be surprised to see the merch arriving shortly thereafter, with a rapid sellout all but guaranteed.