Travis paid the cost and lo and behold, 2015's "Maria I'm Drunk" is now available on a few streaming services, so plan accordingly. The song featuring Young Thug and Justin Bieber was a much beloved inclusion on Travis' debut Rodeo, but was only accessible to those who paid for the album. Case in point, that Travis Scott has been employing the bait and switch technique well before he came under fire vis-à-vis a bitter Nicki Minaj

Many theories persisted for X amount of years about the song's omission. One theory pertained that Travis had to "unpublish" the song because the Bieber was featured on an earlier Diplo recording titled "Bankroll." Another legion of fans believed that Bieber's parent label was trying to "white-wash" his image, by removing all Justin rap verses in existence, unpublished or otherwise. Although entirely speculative, the theory is worth a read over here in the Apple Music subreddit.

"Maria I'm Drunk" is available via TIDAL & Apple Music, and remains unlockable on Spotify, where the track is simply blackened out within the track list. I never thought fans would lose their shit over a mere loosie, but let the World dream otherwise.