When Travis Scott announced that he would be collaborating with the likes of McDonald's many were curious as to how it would all come together. Of course, a ton of merch has been released and all of it features the aesthetics we would come to know and love from any sort of Cactus Jack collection. This merch also comes with some McDonald's branding that will make you feel like some sort of brand representative. On top of that, Travis also got his very own Travis Scott Meal which is just a basic burger with some bacon. 

According to GQ, fans have been excited to order their Travis Scott meals, however, many employees have been left confused over the whole ordeal. For instance, a McDonald's in Utah admitted that their older employees aren't even aware of the artist.

Travis Scott

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald's

"We have a few older [crew members] with us and they say, ‘What is a Travis Scott?,’" one manager said. "And we try to explain, he's a rapper, blah blah blah."

Other managers have noted that the younger employees are ecstatic about the whole thing and are eager to get some merch, although the chains aren't certain as to when that merch will ever come in. 

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