It's officially been two years since the release of Travis Scott's Astroworld. The rapper is still riding the wave of the project in 2020 and fans are still obsessively listening to it. However, it's evident as ever that Travis Scott fans are waiting for his next studio album. He's made hints that new music is coming with no confirmation of anything except that he's been cooking in the studio. 

Commemorating the milestone of the album's release, Travis Scott shared a lengthy message to his fans thanking them for their efforts throughout his career. As he signed off with the words, "See you in Utopia," fans immediately speculated that he was referring to the title of his next album. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Chase B, Travis' official DJ, recently revealed in an interview with HHNM that Travis was, well, just being Travis.

When asked about whether he could confirm Utopia was the album title, Chase B said, "Oh nah, it’s not. I think that’s just him being Trav. Just feeling good, in the moment."

For any fans that are waiting for new music from Travis, Chase B did confirm that the Astroworld star had an appearance on his forthcoming project, as well as Young Thug. Keep your eyes peeled for that.