As a touring musician, you spend a lot of time in the sky going from destination to destination. If you're lucky, you make enough money to do so on private planes every once in a while. For an artist like Travis Scott, who is dating a near-billionaire, you have the luxury of flying around on PJ's all the time. All he has to do is call up the pilot, tell him where he's going and he's off. The Astroworld artist is past the point of flexing on Instagram but he subtly did so in his most recent upload, showing everybody the inside of his plane.

The photo was likely meant to show off his "Cactus Jack" Jordans but everyone is taking notice of how spacious his jet looks. It looks like you can comfortably walk through the interior without having to turn sideways, which is a definite step up from flying coach. He's even got a freaking couch in there... a couch! There is a whole couch in his plane with flowers set up on a coffee table. Travis was just lounging around, thinking nobody would comment on his luxurious lifestyle but that's all people are doing in the comments. The core of "Sicko Mode" is based on spending 13 hours on a flight but if his plane looks like this, that's not the worst thing in the world.