A few weeks ago, rumored intensified signaling that Travis Scott would be joining the Fortnite fray by way of an unlockable skin and emote. Now, with more gamers looking to their favorite console for solace in trying times, it seems like the perfect opportunity to usher in the second season of Epic Game's popular battle royale. Evidently, leakers have been doing work to ensure that cats are let swiftly from the bag, with one Lucas7Yoshi having revealed Scott's inclusion in the first place.

Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Now, another leaker by the name of HypeX has taken it one step further, sharing a possible glimpse of the Travis Scott skin in full glory. Though the initial source has yet to confirm its authenticity, it certainly looks the part -- as you can see, Scott is shirtless much like he was on the Rodeo album cover, rocking a pair of "Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack" Nikes for maximum branding potential. As for the rumored emote, information on that particular front has yet to surface.

It should be noted that this Fortnite partnership isn't entirely unprecedented for Scott; lest we forget, the Astroworld rager previously partook in a livestream event alongside Ninja, Drake, and Juju Smith Schuster. Now, he's all set to join the ranks of rappers with digital avatars. Gone are the days of Def Jam: Fight For NY, but we'll take what we can get.