As Trey Songz continues to defend himself against accusations of sexual assault, a five-year-old interview of Bebe Rexha has resurfaced. On Wednesday (August 19), Trey Songz's name began to circulate after infamous groupie Celina Powell and her friend Aliza visited No Jumper to speak candidly about their alleged sexual exploits. During the discussion, Aliza said that Songz held her against her will in a hotel room, took her purse and her phone, and urinated on her. Celina would later add to the discussion and say she filed a police report against Trey Songz for holding her hostage, but she later dropped the charges.

"I usually stay quiet on this but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up as they seek to destroy someone’s life," Trey said in a statement. The public then referenced Keke Palmer's interview with The Breakfast Club where she told the hosts that while at a party, she was tricked by the singer to appear in a music video. Keke said she hid in a closet to get away from Songz and claimed he used "sexual intimidation" against her.

Now, social media users have dug through the archives to find a 2015 interview of singer Bebe Rexha who, during an interview, shared her story of a Trey Songz encounter. According to Bebe, she was attending a wedding at a mansion that had a guestlist of about 50 people. Trey was allegedly there with his date, but she noticed the singer eyeing her throughout the day. Later, Bebe said she was at the pool house when Trey Songz approached her, pushed her up against the wall, and tried to kiss her. "Let's do this," she said he told her.

Bebe Rexha stated that she rejected his advances and he told her he was just kidding. She kept repeating that she would most likely get into trouble for telling the story and added that something else happened that she didn't want to mention. Check out the clip from her interview below.