Trey Songz is acting all kinds of unbothered following his sexual misconduct and sexual assault allegations this week.

The singer, who has been accused on several occasions of holding women hostage in hotel rooms for the entire day, throwing their belongings off of the balcony, and even urinating on women without their consent, issued a response to Celina Powell and her friend Aliza, who claimed that he had done some pretty horrible things to them on the No Jumper podcast and, subsequently, on Twitter.

Following his proof of receipts, which didn't really show much other than the fact that he's a shitty texter, allows white women to refer to him as the n-word, and gets his salad tossed on occasion, he is now trying to forget about everything that has come out in the last week, getting a foot massage and unwinding.

Trey is really trying to give off the vibe that he doesn't care what these women are saying about him, despite the fact that people like Keke Palmer and Bebe Rexha have also come forward with their own allegations about him. On Instagram Stories, he kicked back in his home and took a video of a woman massaging his feet.

With the number of allegations against him, you would that he might consider a break from social media so he could address the topic formally. But, alas, here he is getting a foot massage on the couch.